Karen Hempson's new book Bean Pickers: American Immigrant Portraits

Pen Woman and educator Karen Foresti Hempson has a new book out which chronicles the lives of her American-Italian family. Bean Pickers: American Immigrant Portraits features the fascinating, true stories of Foresti Hempson's ancestors. A Foreward by Alan J. Singer, Ph.D., Director of the Secondary Education Social Studies Teaching Learning Technology at Hofstra University in NYC., states the book has been "written as a reminder to those in our extended families who forget who we are." The 224-page book offers "an intimate window on an Italian family who immigrated to Utica, New York in the early twentieth century," noted reviewer and writer Judith McGinn. "The rich yet often harsh lives of

Sheila M. Byrnes Offering Webinar at National Level

"The Art of Weaving Research into Historical Fiction and Non-Fiction" with Historical Writers Panel: Sheila M. Byrnes, Maureen Stack Sappéy and Dr. Katie Witek Authenticity vs. historical accuracy: Telling a good, believable story set in the past is a tricky balancing act. This recorded webinar features three experienced writers and researchers who share lessons they have learned about the process of finding and using reliable sources of historical information and weaving that research convincingly into works of fiction and non-fiction, avoiding common pitfalls along the way. Viewers will learn: · What exactly qualifies for the genre of a "historical" work? · Tips for doing historical resear

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