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CNY Branch of the NLAPW

Poetry as Remembrance and Inspiration

On a beautiful, late summer afternoon, CNY Branch President and two past-presidents gave a reading in tribute to the late Pearl Newton Rook on Saturday, September 21st at the Newark-Arcadia Historical Society Museum in Newark, NY.

CNY Branch past-presidents Mary Garnder (left), Janet Fagal (center) and current president Nancy Dafoe (right) read poetry in tribute to the late Pearl Newton Rook, a former CNY Branch President.

Immediate past-president Marcy Gardner (shown above, left) organized the encomium in coordination with the Historical Museum, offering opening remarks to the group before reading Pearl's poems "More than Special and Archives." Mary followed her reading of Pearl's work with poems of her own which reflected the spirit of the late Pen Woman's poetry through "Poets of a Similar Mind" and "Downsizing." Mary also read poetry contributions from former CNY Branch member Ellen McNeal. Janet Fagal (center in the photo) offered four of her poems, including two that were featured on the NLAPW website in response to five of Pearl Rook's poems. Nancy Dafoe (above, right) read two of her poems in response to Pearl's poems "Lake Storm" and "Distractions," in addition to reading the last poem Pearl Rook is known to have composed, "New Life."

Following the readings, audience members asked questions about poetry, how the poets began their work, and specific questions about technique and poetic constraints. Photo by John Zornow.

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