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CNY Branch of the NLAPW

Biennial Competition Winners from CNY Branch in Abundance

Various judges in the NLAPW 2020 Biennial Letters competitions have reported results, and we have a treasure trove of winners from our CNY Branch. Out of nearly 300 entries in the Writing competitions, our Branch members have received numerous awards, making us the most decorated NLAPW Branch in the country. All entries were blind judged by six different judges, all of whom are both college English professors and writers/poets themselves. The CNY Branch members accounted for over one-fifth of all the awards nation wide.

Please congratulate first place winners Karen Hempson in the Memoir category for "Immigrant Healer," Janine DeBaise in the Norman Roller Award category for her essay "Nylon and Mesh," and for her Delta Branch Grace K. Wofford Essay category winner ""Ghost Story."

Second place winners include Mary Gardner for "Autumn, a Leaf" in the Della Crowder Miller Poetry Award for "Autumn, a Leaf" and for her memoir "Second Looks" in the Memoir category; Sheila M. Byrnes for "If You Listen, You Can Hear the Night Turning Over" for her essay in the Norman C. and Marjorie J. Roller category; Janine DeBaise for "Cure for Pain" in the Marjorie Davies Roller nonfiction category, and for her poem "Ancient Rhythm" in the Marion Doyle Poetry category; and Janet Fagal for her poem "Everything That Matters" in the Anita Marie Boggs Memorial Poetry category.

Third place honors in this well-contested Biennial competition go to Judith McGinn for her short story "Good Deeds" in the CNY Branch Flannery O'Connor category; Rachael Ikins for her children's book A Piglet for David in the Sandra Seaton Michel category; Janet Fagal for her poetic prose "Together, 1955" in the Norman C. and Marjorie J. Roller category; and Mary Gardner for "Making the Most of Time" in the Marion Doyle Poetry category (the most entries in any category)."

Biennial Art competition winners have yet to be announced.

To have this many winners from one NLAPW branch is extraordinary. Congratulations to all of our winning writers.

Make those reservations for the Biennial today.

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