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CNY Branch of the NLAPW

CNY Branch Member Vanessa Johnson Stars in Paul Robeson Performing Arts Production

Vanessa Johnson had a multi-starring role in Paul Robeson Performing Arts production of "Comb Your Hair (or You'll Look Like a Slave)" by Leelee Jackson. Vanessa appeared in five different "roles" in the play, performing the hair stories: "Kiki is Bald," "Best Daughter," "Power Trip/The Right Swipe," "All of Us," and "50/50-Duplicates."

The production of "Comb Your Hair" was live streamed on the evenings of July 9 and 10, 2021.

Sonita L. Surratt was the director of this acclaimed production, and Karin Franklin-King was the producer. Vanessa said about the play's themes, "Like my hair, my life has been a GREAT ADVENTURE!!!! Hot combs, Afros, Dyes, Cuts, Braids, and Locs!" Vanessa is always creating in all of her "roles," stating, “I love my hair, because it is a reflection of my Soul."


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