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CNY Branch of the NLAPW

Dafoe's New Novella Naimah and Ajmal

CNY Branch President and NLAPW Letters Chair Nancy Dafoe announced her novella Naimah and Ajmal on Newton's Mountain is up for pre-sale today through May 7, 2021 from publisher Finishing Line Press. Dafoe's novella, her first in this genre, will be released in July 2021. The antiwar, contemporary fable follows two story strands after the separation of a mother and her infant son. The mother's story follows her difficult journey through war, poverty, immigration, and the search for her son. The child's journey is a fable with wise creatures caring for and educating the boy. The work offers comment on racism, wars, diaspora, and immigration through story.

Dafoe's novella is available from Finishing Line Press now and, starting in July, it will be available through book distributors, including Amazon online and Barnes & Noble. More information about the author and this novella may be found at: Naimah and Ajmal on Newton’s Mountain by Nancy Dafoe – Finishing Line Press


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